Nestled among the undulating lands of the Satpura range in the district of Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh, India, Udaypur Gaon is home to approximately 150 households. Majority of the inhabitants belong to the Bhil tribal community with the prominent languages being Nimadi and Hindi. Agriculture is the main source of income and employment, with many youngsters migrating to the cities during the summer with temperatures reaching a high of 45 degrees. The Village is separated from the plains by Satpura range acting as a natural barrier. The people are warm and always welcoming and we invite you to be a part of their change.

Kinglee Xperience was formed to help promote and develop the village into a model one, to be a village unto itself growing organically and creating jobs and income opportunities for the residents through constant research and optimum utilization of the local resources. 

OUR SUPER-HERO'S - The Women of Udaypur Gaon

Many people have asked me, “Why Udaypur Gaon?, Why not another village?”

During my fellowship, I worked with Aga Khan Rural Support Program India working in more that 30 villages around the taluk of Pandhana and found the women from each village so warm and welcoming. One village which stood out was none other than Udaypur Gaon. The three women in the picture are the three that are leading the others to grow and to make their village bigger with a better future.

What amazes me is the enthusiasm of these women, to learn and improve and this desire to enhance development within their village is what helps further to motivate me . Our small milk operation looks to create value in the village and together we hope to grow and become an example to the numerous villages around us.

My three Wonder Women – Kali Di, Rekha Di and Tara Di.



Growing up in the Tea Gardens of India, I had the chance to see, first hand the problems of rural India. My father, a Tea Planter working in the tea gardens of Dooars and Assam, would tell me stories of hardships that people there would encounter. My mother would teach the tea garden women to stitch and crotchet and would provide income generating opportunities for them. As I graduated and completed my MBA in finance from Christ University, I got into the corporate world and worked for a few years, but deep down I had my true calling. In June 2017, I was selected as a fellow for the SBI (State Bank of India) Youth for India Fellowship, a 13 month fellowship that provides people first hand insight into rural India and providing them a platform to make their dreams take flight.

This is where my true journey began.


Everyday has been a journey, everyday has been a surprise. This blog is about these journeys, the sites and sounds of the villages I have visited and the amazing people I come across everyday. The villages of India hold a plethora of stories, stories of struggle, stories of amazement and as my journey progresses, I hope to share it with you.

We have also started initiatives in our village such as the 2 initiative where from every soap sold, goes into setting up a library for the children and we look to add more initiatives as we grow.


Experience the beautiful sites through the lens of Savaan as he takes you on a journey of his village. With a gift for photography, let him enthrall your senses with the everyday hustle and bustle of village life. 


We look to create employment opportunities for the people of the village as well as surrounding villages. Our Milk bathing bars range consist of Cow Milk and Goat Milk bars bundled in beautiful bamboo products.

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